Club Structure & Governance


   The LMC is a registered not-for-profit organization in the Province of Alberta. As such, we have formal bylaws that detail the legal framework of our club. LMC members need to know that these bylaws exist, even if you don't know the details. Of course, if you ever feel like serving on the Board of Directors, you'll have to read those bylaws!

Annual General Meeting – Elected Directors

   Early every year, all members are invited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is your chance to exercise your democratic rights in the club. The club is governed by a board of directors (the “BOD” or “Board”), numbering not less than three, and not more than seven people. The board handles all of the day-to-day business of the club, making decisions, deciding where club money is spent, and executing various club activities. Holding a seat on the board is an act of service – any board member is expected to listen to the desires of the club membership, and do their best to see that those desires are met, as fairly and equitably as possible.

   By custom, directors generally serve for two years, with half of the board “turning over” every year, to provide some continuity in club governance. In practice, many board members serve for more than two years. It is rare for two members to seek election to the same board position in the club; most of the time it is more difficult to find qualified, willing, motivated directors!

Appointed Officers

   The board will, after the election, appoint various officers to help in running the club as they are needed. Officers are specialists, each expected to perform in a specific realm of influence. They include (but aren't limited to):

Vigilators: This person is an experienced club member, with a broad and scholarly knowledge base of the middle ages. They are tasked with ensuring that all members meet the minimum material culture standards of the club. The Vigilator has the final, ultimate say in which items are allowable at club events, and which are not.

Quartermasters: This person is in charge of physical club assets. The club possesses a stock of items for use, rental, or purchase by members.

Instructors: These are people with direct experience in martial activity. Instructors are primarily charged with making sure nobody does anything unsafe or inappropriate during club activities involving martial activity of any sort – swordplay, archery, test cutting, etc.

Event organizers: The person in charge of an event is also an officer. They get to herd all of the cats necessary for putting together any club event. Sometimes this committee can be as small as two or three people. For larger events, multiple people are required.

Volunteer Work

   Whenever the club needs to get stuff done, whether it's organizing events, making or changing club policy, searching for new suppliers of equipment, or anything else that needs doing, the LMC always works by committee. Put another way: Formal LMC business is never conducted by a single person. Even less formally: We get stuff done together, not solo. This serves as a check for members, gives everyone opportunities for input, and ensures that we're all on the same page.

   Every club member is encouraged to participate and volunteer in running the club, as they feel comfortable and as their own skills and aptitudes allow for. The LMC exists only because of the volunteer efforts of all our members!