Heading: Club Members

Members of the Lethbridge Medieval Club (we abbreviate it “LMC”) are people who continually seek to expand their knowledge and understanding of the middle ages. As a group oriented towards living history, we take a research-based approach towards a practical understanding and re-creation of the middle ages. Our club has a two-tiered membership system:

Probationary Members

Everyone begins their journey as a probationary member. This membership grants access to club activities that do not have any minimum standards associated with them. Fight practice, workshops, classes, and movie nights are all examples of these types of activities. Probationary members who meet most, but not all, of the club minimum standards, conditionally become full members until they complete their kits.

Probationary members have the greater of: one year from their start date, or the next club annual general meeting, to start the vigilation process and at least conditionally meet the club minimum standards. If someone does not accomplish this, they must be invigilated before renewing their membership in the club.

Full Members

Once an LMC member meets all of the minimum standards of the club, and has been approved by the club vigilation team, they become a full member. Full LMC members are able to take part in public demonstrations, formal events, and any other activity held by the club.


Any full member may sponsor up to two guests at any LMC activity. The member is responsible for making sure their guests meet the minimum standards and are responsible for ensuring their guests behave according to the club code of conduct.