Activities of the Lethbridge Medieval Club

Ongoing Events

A group of armoured fighters, title is Combat Practice

Combat Practice: Sundays at 2:00 PM, Effective June 3: Location changes.
First and Second Sundays of the Month: Nicolas Sheran Park, South of Nicolas Sheran School
Third and Forth Sundays of the Month will be at alternating locations.
 Please view our Facebook page for any updates.

 Attendance at our Combat Practice requires all Participants to Adhere to the following Rules: 
Click here for the PDF)

A line of people using traditional bows and arrows, title says Archery and Thrown Weapons Practice

 Archery, Combat, and Thrown Weapons Practice: Sunday at Noon, weather permitting. Private Venue for Members and Invited Guests.
Loaner bows and arrows are available if requested in advance.


  • Board of Directors Meeting: June 11th, 2023, @7PM. Theoretically Brewing Company.
    Board Meetings are held on the Second Sunday of the Month.

Upcoming Events:​

Left: A Woman in Blue weaving Center: People dressed Medievally behind a cooking fire. Right: A gentlemen in white doing leather work

Canada Day Celebration Demonstration: Saturday, July 1, 2023. 
Member of the Lethbridge Medieval Club will be demonstrating Medieval Skills at Henderson Lake Park, Lethbridge Alberta