Activities of the Lethbridge Medieval Club

Ongoing Events:​

A group of armoured fighters, title is Combat Practice

Combat Practice: Sundays at 2:00 PM, Nicolas Sheran Park, West Lethbridge
Attendance at our Combat Practice requires all Participants to Adhere to the following Rules: 
 (Click here for the PDF)

A line of people using traditional bows and arrows, title says Archery and Thrown Weapons Practice

Archery, Combat, and Thrown Weapons Practice: Opening Monday, April 29 @ 6:00 PM
Private Venue for Members and Invited Guests. Weather Permitting.
Loaner bows and arrows are available if requested in advance.


  • General Meeting: June 14 @ 6: 00 PM, at a private venue.
    Private Venue for Members and Invited Guests. 2024 Board of Directors and all interested to attend.
    Medieval Clothing required, potluck for all participants.

Upcoming Events:​

Left Photo A bowl of apples, bowl of nuts, eggs and other fruit on on a wooden table. Right: Multiple loaves of bread in a wooden dish

May Picnic: Thursday, May 9, 2024, @6:00 PM, Henderson Lake Park, Lethbridge Alberta 
Come and join members of the Lethbridge Medieval Club for a picnic in the park and get a taste of Medieval Reenactment.
Bring your own picnic basket, medieval outfits are encouraged, but not required.


White medieval tents on green grass set in the Lethbridge Coulee Valley

May Camp: Weekend of Friday, May 31 to Sunday, June 2, 2024
Private Venue for Members and Invited Guests, Members please check your email for details.


Left: Woman in Blue dress cutting linen on wood table. Center: Man in dark armour kneels next to woman in a purple dress sitting behind a camp cook set. Right: Woman in green dress using a spinning wheel.

2024 Canada Day Demo Camp: Monday, July 1 @ Henderson Lake Park, Lethbridge Alberta
Come and join members of the Lethbridge Medieval Club in Henderson Lake Park for demonstrations of Medieval Skills in the park.