Membership Information

Yearly Membership (January - December): $60
Year-End Membership (September-December): $20
Membership Form:  (Click here for the PDF)

Benefits of LMC Membership:

  • Access to Private Events, such as Camping and Feasting Events (See Notes About Membership Below.)
  • Access to Combat Practice (See Rules Below)
  • First and/or Free Access to LMC Workshops (See Activities Page for Upcoming Workshops)
  • Access to our Website that includes the email list and member forum.

To Attend our Private Events you must be a Full LMC Member. Invited guests must follow the Code of Conduct and adhere to LMC clothing and accessory requirements. ​For more details, please see our Membership Handbook ​(Click here for the PDF)
The Handbook covers information about:

  • Types of Membership
  • Code of Conduct
  • Minimum Standards
  • Clothing and Accessory Requirements
  • Club Structure and Governance
  • Being a Full LMC Member
  • The Re-Enactor's Ethos

Attendance at our Combat Practice requires all Participants to Adhere to the following Rules: (Click here for the PDF)